Jun 24, 2015

Tommy Kane Draws New Orleans

That's right, another little video of me drawing. This time in New Orleans, the craziest place in the USA by far.


Mike Szwarc said...


kane said...

Nice joint.

Jim Serrett said...

Been there, saw that same woman....lol

Joey J said...

Yo, yo, yo! that was me and Brice walking the boulevard.
eyes be up on all of that

kane said...

Thought it was you guys

Mattias Kroon said...

Thanks for sharing.Another masterpiece of you showing your talent to us and the World.

Anamaria do Val said...

Love your drawings!and this place...I have to visit one day

kane said...

Its the grooviest place in America

S. Charto said...

that was amazing really enjoyed how you weaved your art with the landscape it made it personal

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