Jun 15, 2015

Tips For New Orleans

Everyone needs to get tipped in New Orleans. I'm not just talking about waiters, waitresses and bartenders. When you walk down the street, you must tip every great musical street performer. The jugglers, poets, costumed maniacs, fortune tellers, painters and homeless people, all have to get duked too. One must always carry change. Then you have to figure out how much each individual gets. So depending on how talented or funny each freak is, I give out from one to five bucks per person. There are some really clever folks along with some lazy ass showman too. Maintaining a pocket full of singles all day long is no easy task. I get a lot of ice teas during the day so I am always getting change. After a few days every nut on the street knew me. SO I began drawing each of them. This I would do secretly without them being aware of what I was up to. It's a lot of hard work but I love the result. I would take a break from drawing each day around 11:30 AM. I'd order my ice tea which they would refill for free 10 more times. Always the same routine, a street performer dressed in a white tuxedo and tails with an American flag top hat would be sitting at the bar drinking a bourbon. I would ask the bartender if I could buy him one. He'd sit and talk with me for half an hour. I couldn't understand a word he said because his southern accent was so thick. Later during the day I would run into him performing on the street and he'd give me the hi sign. After all we were great buddies.