Jun 10, 2015

The Big Easy

Recently my wife and I went to New Orleans. It was quite hot, in the mid 90s everyday. I rented a bike the for whole time. Each day I would cruise from neighborhood to neighborhood. Now I know the place very well. I'd already been there a half a dozen times before over the years. As I drew this, a horse drawn carriage came by and the tour guide pointed to the apartment building I was sitting in front of. He told the tourists that the place was where Lee Harvey Oswald and Truman Capote once lived, not at the same time though. Afterwards I went to have a cold beer. A couple started talking to me. I gave them some squirrel stickers. They got up to leave and walked around the corner. Suddenly they drove around the corner back in front of me and down the street. The two of them were on 10 foot tall bicycles. Only in the Big Easy.