May 4, 2015

The Islands

The island of Cheung Chau is a sleepy little fishing village that's a boat ride away from central Hong Kong. The harbor is packed with makeshift fishing vessels of all sizes. Everything feels very mom and pop. Many of the boats feel like apartments with laundry hanging out to dry everywhere. I watched as an old lady walk down to the shore. The was a 5 foot square plastic float that she stepped onto. There was a rope connected to it that she began to pull and that propelled her out into the water standing on the float. She reached the first boat and boarded it. She then jumped from boat to boat until she reached hers. It was like something out of an old movie. The thing is, it worked like a charm. On the other side of the island, which is 2 streets wide by the way, is a nice beach for swimming and windsurfing. The waterfront is filled with outdoor seafood restaurants. It was hard to believe I was so close to a major city like Hong Kong.


Gabriella said...

I love Cheung Chau. Thank you for the memories.

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