May 6, 2015

Old School

This guy had a miniscule shop along a crowded little side street. It was on steps that you walked down and there was no car traffic. He bought and sold old watches and pens. From watching him, I could see he could fix anything broken also. He had that cool little jewelers eye piece that he would pull over one eye to examine everything with. The area his shop was in an area that I passed through all of the time. We always said hello and greeted each other like old friends, which always made me laugh. It made me feel like a local. When I was drawing this, he took a real interest and would check my progress every hour or so. He had a buddy who spent a lot of time at his stall talking to him. the problem was he would stand right in front and completely block my view. I didn't say anything. I just worked around the situation as best I could. He would take a break once in a while and I would have my view back. He too, took an interest in my sketch but never actually figured out he was blocking me while I drew. It turned out fine because after all, I do have x-ray vision.