Apr 22, 2015

Tian Tan Buddha

The coolest thing about the city of Hong Kong is that you can go to the ferry terminal and get on a boat and be on a little island in half an hour. The Kong is surrounded by a lot of tiny little islands that are fascinating. One such place is Lantau island. On it is the world's largest sitting Buddha. It's over 100 feet tall. You have to walk up like 400 steps to reach the top. I parked myself not quite at the top, so I had a good angle to draw. The people mobbed me because I gave them something to look at as they were huffing and puffing up the stairs. I got over a 100 new Facebook and Instagram friends from my little show. China is full of groovy things to see, me being one of them.


Patti said...

While I dig most of your drawings I think this is my favorite although it is hard to pick a fav. Need to put it on etsy so I can purchase.

kane said...

Will do.

pauline said...

You crack me up.
These illustrations are incredible - especially this one.
I feel like I'm there with you. Thanks for that.

Darlene Campbell said...

Would love to visit there. I agree with Patti...I especially like this one. Cheers-Darlene