Apr 13, 2015

End Of An Era

Right smack in the middle of the fancy part of The Kong lives a very old outdoor market. Tucked into the streets and alleyways next to Gucci and Prada are 100 year old butcher shops, fish markets and vegetable vendors. The whole thing is very crazy looking and makeshift but it is also quite visually amazing. Butchers carve up meat right on the street as trucks and taxis squeeze by a foot away. The buildings above the market stalls seem ancient and beautifully haphazard. It is unlike anything I've ever seen in any other city in the world. As I drew, the old ladies kept stopping by to see what I was up too and chat with me. I'm an old lady magnet. Each one told me that I was capturing a bygone way of life in Hong Kong. They would get very nostalgic and tell me about when they were little girls roaming these very streets, riding their bikes everywhere without a care. They knew everyone and everyone knew them. After a few days of this, someone finally told me the reason everyone was loving my paintings. The entire market was being shut down for good the day that I was leaving. I was shocked by that bit of news. That was why Chinese TV was interviewing me after seeing my drawings. I will be posting more about the markets and the people there in the coming days. Sections of it had already come down. There was a large construction site butting right up against the market. Huge cranes were pounding massive girders into the bedrock. As I drew, I was physically jumping up and down out of my stool with each pounding. I felt like Godzilla was destroying a big section of the city and its people. Anyway you are not just looking at a painting of a butcher shop. You are seeing the end of a way of life. Next time I am in Hong Kong and go to this street and sit to draw in the same spot, you will see a nice painting of a new Louis Vuitton store.


Jan said...

I visited a similar neighborhood in Shanghai a couple of years ago ~ live chickens and ducks in cages, animal carcasses hanging above chopping blocks, laundry hanging from windows above. A vibrant, busy marketplace with the most luscious arrays of vegetables and flowers brought in on rickety carts, with a high-rise being constructed on the other side of the street. Lucky you to be able to document it in the nick of time! I look forward to more drawings.

Jennifer McLean said...

Well, that's just sad, I don't think we need another posh store. So glad you got to draw that market before they tore it asunder though.

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kane said...

Damn straight

Anonymous said...

Do any of you people commenting understand that you are communicating with a murderer?? This Tommy Kane beat the mother of his 4 children then killed her by stabbing her in the neck with a kitchen knife... He did this because she wanted to leave him and get a divorce...

Patti said...

Hey Anonymous
Are you an idiot? the Tommy Kane you refer to is a black man - ex NFL player.

Patti said...

Tommy, google yourself. Your picture is next to the wiki reference to the NFL player with your name. Might want to ask them to fix it.

Patti said...

Tommy, google yourself. Your picture is next to the wiki reference to the NFL player with your name. Might want to ask them to fix it.

kane said...

I know all about it. I've posted about it before. Pretty crazy. he can't draw very well by the way.

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