Mar 5, 2015

Perfection. Not Me, The Other Guy

I now spend every waking moment in some museum in New York city. Not sure how this happened but it did. Yesterday I was at the Museum of Natural History. I sat in front of this coyote to draw. He was part of a big diorama. All of a sudden a big tour group came up behind me. They had a serious guide dude with a uniform, headset and speaker. He said, as he pointed to me, "this artist here is sitting in front of the best backdrop painting in the entire museum." Apparently the guy who painted it was their greatest scenic painter ever. It took him 11 months just to do that one background painting. You can see every leaf, the detail of the bark, every pebble and on and on. It is amazing I can assure you. The coyote was by a stream in Yellowstone Park at midday. When the museum first opened they begged him to stop doing the painting. It looked fine in their minds. He would have none of that. He kept delaying the opening until this one backdrop was perfect and it is. If eventually I have to be stuffed. Please put me in that case next to the coyote.


Barry Comer said...

This guy has been howling in my head the last few days. After 12 plus inches of snow, the wolves are circling, hungry and mean.

Stanley Workman said...

Art is a Disease!

Have you lost the last 24-hours? Is there a canvas staring at you, exactly as you see it from your window? Are to covered in paint, to the disgust of your sibling? Does 'get a real job', no longer resonate with you?

A new & controversial 12-step program, to undo what art school has broken in you,; is now forming nationally.

Blank Canvas
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