Jan 9, 2015

I Am Charlie

As a little kid, my dream was to be an illustrator for a big time newspaper. At a very early age, I accomplished that goal. By 22, I was the illustrator for the Buffalo Evening News. My work was quite sophomoric and funny, nothing of substance or importance. It was such a rush to buy the morning paper and see my name next to all the illustrations. I had the privilege to see what it was like up close and personnel at a major American newspaper. So when I heard the news of the cartoonists in France being assassinated, I was deeply moved. It's true the pen can be mightier than the sword. I recently saw an HBO documentary about the political cartoonist, Herbert Block. It is worth watching and I highly recommend it. It shows the power of one man's little cartoons and the incredible impact they had on American politics and the course of our history. Herbert was a modern day, Thomas Nast. The illustrators of the world have sharpened their pencils and won't be deterred.


Barry Comer said...

Je suis Charlie!

Karen said...

It's a sad event. I feel encouraged by the massive amount of people demonstrating in Paris today. It shows freedom will win.