Dec 19, 2014

The Phone Thingy

I've been on the roads doing a bit more driving than I usually do. The amount of people I see texting and looking at their phones while behind the wheel is astounding. Personally, I never do it. I put my phone in my pocket and never touch it while I drive. Nothing can be that important that I need to take my eyes off the road. At a million lights, the person in front of me does not go when the light turns green. That is because they are looking at Facebook. I see nuts swerving around and when I pass them, I can tell they are looking at some inane text that some jackass sent to them, as if it couldn't wait until they arrive at their destination. This behavior is not just from young people either. If someone wants to cause harm to themselves, by all means go for it. Just don't crash into me while I'm minding my own business listening to WFAN sports talk radio and hearing about how bad the Knicks and Jets suck. At least my eyes will be glued to the road ahead of me.


Jennifer McLean said...

*Jenn stands up and claps wildly*
Well said, I hope you have a lovely Christmas Tommy, you deserve it after helping so many artists become just that much better at their craft.

Jennifer Appel said...

All thumbs up to this Tommy Kane public service announcement!