Dec 26, 2014

Christmas Day

"Waking up on Christmas morning hours before the winter sun's ignited." Wait a minute, I didn't write that. Pete Townshend of the Who, did. On Christmas, that song gets stuck in my head. This Christmas, Yun's grandma looks a bit like Muhammad Ali after he had his jaw broken by Ken Norton in their fight at Yankee stadium in 1976. The good news is that, she is doing a lot better than she looks in my drawing. She is battling oral cancer and she is now going into rehab mode. She has been through a lot of the tough stuff up to this point. Each day she looks a little bit more like Kenny Norton, and man, was he one handsome dude.


redharparts said...

Good drawing. Sad and difficult situation. It's hard to watch a loved one go through this. Oral CA is a nasty one, too (I've worked in Oncology).

Best wishes to you, Yun and her grandmother.


kane said...

We'll make it

Barry Comer said...

I know you will!

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