Oct 1, 2014

Under The Tuscan Fun

In Tuscany, Pinocchio is everywhere. We found out that the dude who wrote the story was from there. Tuscans have made him their symbol. Seeing him in every town and shop is quite amusing and fun. One town we visited was, San Gimignano. This is the home of the world's best gelato at a joint called, Dondoli. They have the awards to prove it. I bought into it anyway. One night we spent in Siena. As we were eating dinner, sitting in the main square, Yun reflected about the color of everything in the town. She said to me, "look how red everything is. Do you think that's where they came up with the color, Burnt Sienna?" My mind is too dumb to think in such ways. Anyhow, I looked it up and sure enough, Yun was right. I'm sure I will retire to Tuscany. That is what artists like me are supposed to do. After all, I am a cliche.


Anonymous said...

Burnt Unber is from Umbria on central Italy. I had to look it up though.
Ed B

kane said...

You are as smart as my wife.

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