Oct 29, 2014


The movie, "Nightcrawler," opens today nationwide. Yun and I went to the premiere in New York the other night. Jake Gyllenhaal stars. His character is edgier than Walter White in Breaking Bad. Is is a wildly original film. The screenplay is brilliant. It was written and directed by our friend, Dan Gilroy. His wife, Rene Russo also stars. It was produced by his brother, Tony Gilroy, and edited by their other brother, John. That's right, the super Gilroy family. I highly recommend it. It's perfect for this Halloween season. Trust me on this one.


Steph said...

Hi Tommy,

I am in London and I went to a preview on Monday night. Yes, it was thrilling, some of Jake's best work. And I very much loved the scenes he shared with Rene Russo; both impressive. A really compelling movie.

Love your work,


kane said...

Creepy and scary.

Barry Comer said...

Ms. Russo is good in anything she works in.

kane said...

True Dat.

Barry Comer said...

Tommy, I took your recommendation and saw Nightcrawler. Indeed, it is a very dark masterpiece that doesn't let loose of one's breathing and bodily functions. Rene Russo was typically stunning and powerful.