Oct 8, 2014

Information Inferno

I asked my wife where Michelangelo was buried. She took me to the church where his tomb is in Florence. It's in a church located in a groovy square. So I sat there and painted this picture. As you can see it's a statue of Dante. He's the guy who wrote "Disco Inferno." I do know some things. Yun told me that Dante was buried in the church too, so I wrote that onto my finished painting. A day or two later, Yun then informed me that Dante, was in fact, NOT buried inside that church. There is a cool tomb built waiting for him to arrive. He on the other hand is holed up in a little town called Ravenna. They refuse to give up the body. I'm not sure I care about any of this. It's just that I now have something written on one of my paintings that is not true. Oh well, you can't win them all.


Anonymous said...

I had a Nun for a 5th grade teacher that said that someday we would be glad that we learned Roman numerals because if we went to Italy (As she had) we would be able to tell what year the statues were made based on the Roman numeral dates on them.

1865, Ok that is one and I am glad.

Ed Beard

karen said...

Did you? Give her your autograph?