Oct 31, 2014

Berlin After The War

After Yun and I vacationed in Tuscany, I went to Berlin by myself for a few days. It was much different than I thought it was going to be. First off, the joint is enormous. I spent hours and hours walking and would hardly make a dent. This is a drawing I did of the Berliner Dom. The buildings were all new and modern. None of that skyscraper stuff like New York. I ate Currywurst all day long. It's a groovy artsy place, so I fit right in. I visited all the old neighborhoods, drank some beer and avoided all the museums.

1 comment:

MIke said...

Is there any trace of the American occupation still?

Served there two years in the early 80s and was last there in 1990.

Can't wait to go back once more.