Sep 10, 2014

Hanging With The Girls

I recently taught a class in drawing at something called, Sketchbook Skool. It was an online course to thousands of people around the world. My wife told me, some of the Sketchbook Skool women students were going to meet up at the Highline in Manhattan to draw. She suggested I go. I thought it sounded like a good idea. This was student, Elizabeth Flanagan's brainchild. Everyone met at a designated time and place. There was Flanagan, Michele May, Jen Cahill and Lenore Vanden Handel. We picked a place to work and began to get to know each other. After about 2 hours a woman approached me and asked if I was Tommy Kane. I told her I was. She said she was Patti LK of Sketchbook Skool. Naturally, I just assumed she was showing up for our little gathering. Turns out, this was not the case at all. She was completely unaware we were all meeting there for the first time. Patti just happened to be in town on vacation from her home in Barcelona. Just by sheer coincidence, she was walking on the Highline. All of us were seated in a somewhat hidden place. Patti said she passed right by us. Her daughter was the one who recognized me drawing with my pork pie hat on. She grabbed her mom, "look there's Tommy Kane." All of us were shocked, most of all me. It was a surreal moment. I felt like George Clooney. Patti said when she flew to New York, she had a wish that she would go drawing in the museum of natural history. At some point she would see me on my stool sketching in the museum and we would draw together. Well, some dreams actually do come true. I'm talking about my dream, not Patti's, of me being treated like some kind of great artist by admiring women from around the world. It was a heady experience and now I'm coming back down to earth. I have my wife to thank.


Andrew James said...

What you don't know is that George Clooney gets surrounded by the ladies and then says "Wow, I feel like Tommy Kane."

kane said...

True dat.

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