Sep 29, 2014

European Vacation

Recently Yun and I went to Europe. I did some really interesting drawings that I will be posting very soon. At one point, I was waiting to catch a flight at the airport in Pisa. I sat down and began to doodle in my new sketchbook. In the front of all my sketchbooks, I elaborately paint my name and phone number in case I lose it. That is what I was up to. There was an Italian boy sitting next to me that appeared to be high school age. He wanted to talk to me but he couldn't really speak any English. Then he showed me what he was doing. He'd seen me drawing my name, so he quickly looked me up on the internet on his phone. Giuseppe introduced himself to me. He was visiting from Sicily. Scrolling through my artwork on his phone, he wanted to know if that was me. I took out all the drawings I'd been making and showed him. He started following me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter while we sat there. As I said, he couldn't speak English but he could read it quite well. He was laughing at all the stupid things I wrote in my drawings. It was fun killing time making a connection with someone. Then it was time for him to depart. When he stood up, he grabbed a pair of crutches lying next to him. That is when I noticed he had one foot missing. We shook hands and off he went. He didn't so much walk, as glide. He actually floated to his gate. I hope I hear from him.