Aug 8, 2014

Museum Tour

I love museums but I just don't like going inside of them. My new thing is going to museums in order to do paintings of the outside. This is The New Museum on the Bowery in Manhattan. A groovy looking building indeed. While I was doing this, the side street where I was sitting was roped off and shut down because they were filming a TV show. For some reason the police allowed me to stay and do my painting. At one point, 25 people walked by me and all of them were holding toy babies wrapped up in blankets as if they were all holding real babies. A surreal scene for sure. Then I felt someone sit down next to me. I looked up to see my friend, Steve Petronis, art director extraordinaire. He said he was going down the Bowery in a taxi, when he spotted me out the corner of his eye. He made the cab stop and ran over. It was very random and funny. He was on a conference call while I finished my painting. I invited him to a BBQ and off he went. A very New York moment. Great things happen if you don't enter the museum.