May 19, 2014

The Art World Is A Buzz

You will have to put up with my blog posts for the next few weeks. Some will be about one particular topic. My Book. So please bear with me. I'm in advertising, so I know what it is like to sell a product. One must hit people over the head again and again until they finally give in and click on a link and make a purchase of said product. So that is what I am shamelessly doing. I'm smashing you over the head to buy this thing. Please. The press for this book has been stupendous. The art worlds is abuzz. It has made almost every top 10 list. Actually the great thing about blogs is that you can make stuff up. No one really cares much about what I say anyway. I haven't gotten any press or made any lists but it sure sounds good to say. So buy the book and get one as a gift for your friends or relatives. This way my book, "An Excuse To Draw'" will sell out and I can stop my guerrilla advertising campaign. Buy it anywhere in the world at or in Europe at Waterstones. One last thing. This is a drawing of Pearl Paint art store in New York City. It finally closed after a million years. Thank the lord.


Maywyn Studio said...

The thus far advertising you've been doing for book is energetic, enjoyable, and fun to read. You are an inspiration.

Mike Szwarc said...

Hi Tommy, I already own a copy of your book, but I am still enjoying your advertising blitz. In fact, I'd like to have a copy of the book on your advertising campaign, if you ever do one. I guess it would have to include a DVD of all the great videos you've done to promote the book, too.

kane said...

Thanks guys.

Introverted Art said...

Oh you just sound so excited about. I got my copy already and love it. I started sketching honestly because of you. So know that is a little grasshopper majorly influenced by your stuff. Now I just need to learn to sketch :P

Anonymous said...

The Book is Genius. I know Michelangelo, he is a buggar, so good on you to score an intro from him. So, if I flog the book, blog the book, and do some crosshatching, (all with serious admiration!) do I get a Tiara?
ps your excellent SBS instruction lives on...

Anonymous said...

Hahaha. I looked at the Book Depository's "Reviews for An Excuse to Draw" page to see what other wonderful compliments people had said about my favorite bloggers book other than the ones I made. I'm kind of excited that I am tied with another guy at 8 each for the most "Dislikes" on my review. I want to give a shout out to Alan Forde for being tied with me, but, I hope to defeat him in this arena. Haha
Ed Beard

kane said...

Alan is married to my cousin. They live in Ireland.

Buzz Bain said...

The art world is a buzz? No man, I'm a Buzz!

pauline said...

this cracked me up... especially that last line *thank the lord*. LOL!! I bought your book, loved it so much i told all my friends about it, and they're gonna tell all their friends, so brace yourself - the world's-a-gonna-change into a happier place, cause more people will be making art - thanks to you. xx

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Anonymous said...

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