Apr 12, 2014

What's In This So Called Book?

This is page 10 of my book. An illustration of me sketching on the street done by, Seattle Times illustrator, Gabi Campanario. There are those who claim my new book, "An Excuse To Draw," is the greatest drawing book ever to be sold. Now if only I could find some of those people. If you are willing to purchase this baby, you will be hugely rewarded. Inside there are 360 of my best drawings and paintings from around the world. That is a whole lot of artiness. I am not a quantity artist. There are a lot of sketchers who love to make 10 sketches in a day, knocking out loosey-goosey drawings. Mine are all painstakingly done, taking years off my life. My drawings are filled with so much minutia, your head will explode looking a them. It is 214 pages long. Besides the artwork, there are stories as only I can tell. I know I'm not everyone's cup of tea but I can weave a tale or two. There are also photos and I do reveal some secrets. And of course, Michelangelo wrote the forward. So don't be the only one in your neighborhood to miss out. You can get it shipped to you instantly anywhere in the world at bookdepository.com or Waterstones. My publisher is working to move the date it will ship from Amazon up but in the meantime you can get it at these other places online.


Paul-Julie Bain said...

Oh Yez Oh Yez Oh Yez!!! Got my copy in the mail yesterday. It is one of the greatest art books ever produced. Your hard work paid off. I'll be posting a review on my blog soon (I'm still gathering up the pieces of my blown mind). Be advised, though, if I run into this Michael Angelo fella, there may be a beat down. Or maybe some harsh stinkeye.

Paul-Julie Bain said...

Squirrel ordered from Amazon...

kane said...

That is great Paul.

kane said...

Funny squirrel story.

Anonymous said...

I ordered your book yesterday. I am looking forward to reading it as much as to looking at your art. I love your perspective on the world. I post as anonymous because I can never work my google account. Looking forward to sitting down with a cup of coffee and the low-tech entertainment of your book. The squirrels of the world salute you.

Danielle said...

My copy came on Friday and I'll raise my hand and say it's the greatest drawing book ever to be sold! What a fantastic book! It's gonna take me awhile to go through everything -- so many details and anecdotes to pore over! But I'm enjoying every minute of it.

Catherine Hex said...

Having a book published with so many of your drawings really is something. Congratulations! I'm thinking of purchasing it, as well.

сustom-papers said...

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