Apr 14, 2014

The Rabbit Is Clever

Recently I have been checking out the blogs of some Urban Sketchers. Veronica Lawlor, Steven Gardener, Andrea Joseph and Lapin are the ones in particular. As I was scanning Lapin's site, I came upon something quite brilliant. So genius, it made me jealous. A simple idea indeed. Along his sidebar, there is a little sentence that is a live link. The words read: my secret sketching gear! So I clicked on it. There it was, drawings of all his sketching materials. Damn, I wish I thought of that. Usually I would just steal that idea and then over time try to claim credit for it. This idea was so perfect that I just couldn't abscond with it. I did do my own version which is really just the same as Lapin's. If you go to my blog and click on the moleskine book with the words, my art supplies, on it, you'll see what I've done. The reason this is so amazing is because it solves a big problem. I get tons of e-mails from people asking me what pen do I use, or what watercolor set do I use and on and on. I'm sure Lapin gets the same requests too. Now all I do is what the Rabbit does. I just send them my link. Plus they can just find the information themselves so no one ever really has to ask me again. A big thank you to the Rabbit from the Squirrel. Now if you want to see what I've done with all my art supplies, it's all in my new book, An Excuse to Draw. Instant shipping anywhere in the world, at bookdepository.com
or in Europe at Waterstones.


J.Espadaneira said...

Always nice to see other guys stuff.
I use the same Windsor Newton watercolor set but sometimes I forget the napkin... so I cut a piece os sponge a place it on the brush compartment.

kane said...

Sponge, Interesting.

сustom-papers said...

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