Apr 23, 2014

Stop Thinking

My book is selling briskly and doing very well in Europe. Yet a lot of people I know are still procrastinating. They say, "I intent to buy it" or "it's on my list of things to do." Then of course, there is the old, "I won't buy it unless I get an autographed one." Basically that is like saying, "I don't really want to get one." So after drawing my ass off on the streets of the world for 8 years, I would at least hope that people I know would at least buy the stupid thing. I expect all my relatives (and I have hundreds of them), all my childhood friends, every kid I went to grammar school with, all my college friends, all my past coworkers and every freak I hung out with in the East Village the past 30 years TO BUY THE BOOK NOW. No more waiting. Look, it only cost 30 bucks. You will not be disappointed. I assure you. So click on the link and BUY. Today. Bookdepository.com. In Europe, Waterstones.


Sketching with Dogs said...

Iv'e got my copy over here in England.

Tina J said...

I just went to order it on bookdepository.com and it says it's a pre-order with 113 days to go. Has it sold out and we're waiting for the next run?

kane said...

Thank you for telling me Tina.

kane said...

Hi Tina, The problem is being fixed right now. So you can order it from there and they will send it right away.

Line said...

Hi Tommy, Same thing with Amazon (pre-order vs. getting it RIGHT NOW). Amazon says that your book won't be released until August 15, 2014. I'll be between domiciles at that time. If I could get your book from Amazon this month, it would be very helpful. Thanks!
Your friend,

Line said...

Hi Tommy, Never mind about the Amazon comment. I just read your previous post. Thanks!

Charlin Masterson said...

Received my copy from Book Depository this morning (12days transit from UK).
Tommy, this is a gorgeous book! Some of the drawings I have seen here but there are pages and pages of new to me drawings and they are splendid. You went all out on the quality of the book and the printing shows every line and stroke. Your drawings are a treasure. Thank you so much for sharing them with me in your book.

kane said...

Thanks Charlin.

Line said...

Hi Tommy, I just ordered your book via Book Depository. I can't wait for your book to arrive. Thanks for the help on where to order!
Your friend,

Anonymous said...

Geez..thirty bucks? You sound desperate. That's kinda un-appealing.

Tina said...

Thanks Tommy! Ordering now!

喜洋洋 said...