Apr 21, 2014

How It's Done

Here is a quick little 2 minute demonstration of me drawing on the street. I'm sitting on a park bench in a little park. This takes place in London. My good friend George Hage is filming me. None of the people I am drawing are aware of what I am up to. I do the drawing very clandestinely. Drawing people is tough because they are always fidgeting, moving and sometimes they just get up and leave. So I work quickly. This is how a lot of the drawings in my new book get done. I just want to mention once again, if you want my new book right away, you have to order it from bookdepository.com. So cancel your Amazon order. That one may take a few months before it ships. My publisher is working on the situation. I will make an announcement when that is fixed. Also you can get it in Europe at Waterstones.