Mar 26, 2014

Run Kane Run

I have just taken up running. Every morning I am out running in the subzero temperatures by 7:30AM. I can deal with all of that but my body is showing signs of age. My muscles and knees are not cooperating the way I thought they were going to. Some mornings I have to hobble through my routine. My stretching exercises need to improve. At this point, I am mostly immobile. I hobble and limp around all day long. I limp so much that I went to the doctor. They gave me an MRI and found a stress fracture. I'm going to be down for 6 weeks. I think I'm going to go back to my bike. A very hipster bike at that.


Maywyn Studio said...

Your body drawing looks like a fibromyalgia chart.
Sending Healing thoughts you way
Take it easy

PAUL said...

Ouch! Guess teacher was right when she said walk, don't run. Check out any walking books by Robert Sweetgall. Speaking of books...I'm dyin here!
Just kidding. Heal up and see you in skool.

Bruno Mezzapica said...

don't run, walk


kane said...

I'm now a walker.