Mar 13, 2014

Park Slope Food Coop

I recently joined the Park Slope Food Co-op. It's a supermarket that is actually owned by everyone who is a member. Well actually Yun joined and told me in order for her to shop there, that everyone in the household needs to join. So I had no choice. It's a great place to food shop and cheap too. Every product is super hippy organic and earth friendly. The only thing is that you have to work for 3 hours at the place every 4 weeks. I don't mind though. I signed up for food receiving, aka unloading trucks. The first thing we were required to do was attend an orientation for 2 hours. There was a lot of kooks which was fine by me. They give you a booklet to read but I used it as an art pad instead. I drew the people pretending to listen intently. Our indoctrinator was named Julie. She proceeded to memorize everyone's name. Sometimes she would test herself and go around the room just to make sure she remembered all of our names. She always got all 20 of us correct. It was an amazing trick until later on after I left, I realized we all had name tags on. I shopped for food afterwards. It is a true hippy experience. The aisles are one foot wide and it is a bit intense but I survived. I must say the joint is really super clean though. I have a feeling I'm going to be spending a lot of time there from now on.


Paul said...

Park Slope? Dude, I lived there in the 70's. A very special magical place on the planet. Now get up to Farrell's on 16th and parkside, have a container to go, and draw the bar from across the street. Can't wait for the book!

kane said...

I'll check out Farrell's.

Anonymous said...

Loading dock is where I would have signed up for too. That is where all the action is and the cool people hang out and smoke.
Ed Beard

Paul said...

Don't know about "cool" people but they are very nice Irish friendly folks at Farrell's, and the tap Bud in the to go containers are ICE cold. Be packed on St Patty's day, I betcha.

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