Mar 28, 2014

Orchid Show

Recently I flew to LA. On the plane I did this drawing from my head. I'd read about the Orchid Show at the New York Botanical Gardens so it must have influenced me. I somehow came up with this monstrosity. When I got back from California, I actually went to the Show. It was quite amazing. I took a lot of Instagrams. I'm very trendy like that.


Joe Nevin said...

Best drawing I've seen you do by far. It has a really great feel, very fluid. You were definitely in the zone there.

Sorry to hear about your stress fracture. Hope it heals soon. I used to run a lot and whenever any of the guys at the club got hurt they'd do physio in the pool - surprising how you can improve your running style in the water too.

By the way, I did most of my training on grass after I saw all the stress fractures and back problems from the road and running tracks.

High impact drawings:good/High impact running: bad.

Umar Saeed said...

wow... Its amazing and beautiful work. It is great to see such great drawing online. Your art work is really amazing keep it up. Thanks

junaid said...

This is one of the incredible drawings that I've ever seen. You have done a great job; this really inspired me a lot. You must put the drawing for sale. I really appreciate your work.

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