Mar 17, 2014

Kane Gets A Cover

There is a new book out that uses one of my drawings on the cover. The author is Sharon Plankers. I have not read the book but by the virtue of using my painting on her cover, she must be brilliant. If you look close you will notice that they altered my original painting. There is a textured effect put onto it, which I love. This somehow makes my painting look more important than it actually is.


Joe Nevin said...

Nice, though I don't condone the absence of squirrels.

And with that rather tenuous connection, I wonder if you happened to see this article:

Well done with the cover of course. :-)

Anonymous said...

I just bought: 'An Excuse to Draw' by Tommy Kane

Yep, I am pre-ordered for this bad boy.

Ed Beard

Introverted Art said...

How neat Tommy. I am soon ordering my book 'An Excuse to Draw' :)