Mar 3, 2014

Avenue A & 7th Street

35 years ago, Alphabet City in New York City was quite dangerous. Of course I lived one block away. I even got mugged once. There was only one thing on Avenue A. It was the Pyramid Club. Young transvestites dressed up like cowgirls and girl scouts and danced on the bar. Dudes from New Jersey drove into the city to be in the scary East Village they all heard about. They'd end up making out with chicks that were really guys and not even know it. It was a hilarious scene. Once you exited the bar, there was only burned out buildings and criminals. Finally on the corner of A and 7th, a little bar/club opened up. It was an extreme head banger joint. I don't think a single female ever passed through the doors during those early years. Crazy stuff went down in there. Years later it became King Tut's Wah Wah Hut. It was much safer in those days and no blood was spilled inside. Although the Tompkins Square riot happened right outside it's doorstep and I was there. Now it is called Niagara and has been for quite a few years now. The other day I was killing some time before I met Yun so I stopped inside. There was a nice hipster bartender. Out-of-towners came in and he had all sorts of groovy suggestions for where they should go. As I drew the bartender, I thought, this dude has no clue of what went down in this place but I do.


winna said...

I have Amazon going to alert me when it's available...I thought maybe I could pre order..but guess not--will have to wait..

Unknown said...

Coming soon. You can write me a review when you get it.

Catherine Hex said...

Such an amazing way to draw something! You have a great style in drawing even the smallest details, congrats!

喜洋洋 said...