Feb 27, 2013

It Snows On The Show Survivor

I never watch the show, Survivor on CBS. This year is different. Yun and I have a friend named Michael Snow who is one of the contestants this year. Now I have to watch it religiously. He's a clever fellow, so it's fun to watch him play his game. Michael is very likable which is why he was voted fan favorite this week. I would never have the nerve to do something like that. He's got balls putting himself out there like that. Yun and I have even gone to his apartment to watch the show with him. The whole thing is so surreal and funny. Tune in yourself.

Feb 25, 2013

Tommy Kane Interview

If you have half an hour to watch me ramble on about stupid stuff, then I've got the video for you. Watch me drone on and on about art as if I have a clue about what I'm saying. You will learn little to nothing about anything. If you'd like, you can watch Korean television over my shoulder, as a few wacky shows are playing on the TV in my hotel room while I'm being recorded. This is an interview of me for the new book, "An Illustrated journey." You can buy it here.

Feb 20, 2013

Updated Vietnam Video

This never happens to me but YouTube blocked my Vietnam Trip video from being seen around the world. Apparently it was the Pink Floyd music as the soundtrack that was the culprit. I use tons of music for my dumb little videos and there has never been a problem before. Who knew Pink Floyd had such great YouTube policing power. So what I did was put in a new piece of music where the Floyd was. It's very interesting when you do something like that. It really changes the feel of the film completely. Before my film was very eeire and claustrophobic. Now it's very lighthearted and comical. I used a Henry Mancini piece of music from the 1960's. It makes my video feel like an old Don Knotts movie. If you want to compare the new one to the old version, you can watch the old one here on Vimeo.

Feb 18, 2013

You Know Where To Put The Cork

My 10 year cousin, Isabella, writes to me once in a while. It always makes me miss Ireland. My cousins over there are so great and very simpatico. Yun and I always go when one of my cousin's gets married, which works out good, seeing as I have a million of them. There is one cousin in particular, who will remain nameless, that is under some pressure to get the job done. This way Yun and I can go back and party with my family. It's not so much about someone getting married as it is about all of us getting together. Churches and Pubs seem to go hand in hand over there. I'm a bit more comfortable being in one of those joints than the other.

Feb 15, 2013


I came across this illustration Tim Wells did. He had gotten some squirrel stickers and placed one on his drawing book. Then he did a drawing of his drawing book. If you think about it, it's really a drawing an artist did of another artist's drawing which happens to be a sticker stuck onto a drawing book, now posted on the artist's blog for other artists to look at. My head hurts after that one.

Feb 13, 2013

An Illustrated Journey

I'm in a new book that is about to come out called, An Illustrated Journey. It's from uber-author, Danny Gregory, who seems to put out a book a month. This one is about artists and designers who draw in sketchbooks on their adventures traveling abroad. Everyone knows I do lots of that. You can buy the book here if you are interested.

Feb 11, 2013

Irish Eyes

One of the cool things about going to Ireland is that I get to go inside of people's homes. When my wife and I travel, we usually only get to see the inside of our hotel room. You have to know people to get inside homes. The last time we were in Ireland we stayed at my cousin, Miriam's house. Her mom, Mary, has a beautiful home on the same property. Yun and I spent an afternoon having tea and cake inside Mary's house. It's a very cool old school Irish style house. There are little fireplaces everywhere. We loved it. She has a fantastic little garden out front too. Flowers seem to be blooming all year long. I did this drawing as a tribute to the hospitality we were shown.

Feb 8, 2013

Buddha Museum

I visited a Buddhist Museum while I was in Seoul. There was a little statue of a Buddha that had no hands, so I decided to draw a bunch of hands for Buddha to choose from.

Feb 6, 2013

The Beauty Of Buddhism

I made a few different trips to Buddhist Temples in Seoul, Korea. They're very spiritual places. Each has their own vibe. I've cobbled together a short 2 minute film to give you a peek at what I see when I'm there.

Feb 4, 2013

Good Idea

Recently I was in Korea. My Korean producer took me out to eat one night with a few of the crew members. When we were done, we headed to our van which was parked right in front of the restaurant. I noticed a big flyer stuck under the windshield wipers. My driver said it was a phone number you can call if you had too much to drink and have your car with you. When you call the number, a guy shows up and he drives you home in your own car. How amazing is that. Then the guy takes the bus or subway back into Seoul, where he waits for his next assignment. My driver, Chan, told me he did it for about 2 months. He said you can do up to 5 rescue runs in a night if you are really good at the job. A lot of times he would drive guys home in their own can, who were really smashed. What a crazy job. You are saving lives though.