Dec 2, 2013

The Telly

My television is the last time Samsung made an LED screen that had a matte finish. Now all TVs have reflective surfaces. It's like watching television through a mirror. I don't want to look at myself when I'm watching the Jets lose each week. Although the new television technology that is on the way, is quite amazing. I've seen it. It's just too pricy at the moment. I'll hold out until it becomes reasonably priced. A few years perhaps. Until then, I'll keep watching all my sports teams lose on my current set up.


Launaito said...

your artworks were awesome!!

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Joe Nevin said...


I also have a Samsung and appleTV set up.

I returned a new mac last week because I hate reflective screens - I'll stick with the old one just now until I buy another apple laptop, which I'll connect to guessed it, large no-reflective screen.

There is a point where change isn't necessarily better.

PS Hope Ace is doing good.

Brandon Hudson said...

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