Nov 25, 2013

The Ace Face

We have a cat named Ace. She is getting very old and cantankerous. Her eating pattern is not so great and she's not getting enough hydration. So believe it or not, we have to give her intravenous. I've never heard of anyone doing this but here I am doing it twice a week. I'm like Doctor Zhivago. We run around like nuts and catch the cat, who doesn't want to be caught. Then Doctor Kane administers the needle. Then I have to hold the IV bag up in the air while the solution goes into her. Lastly, I clamp it shut and then I take out the needle. It's a bit wacky and the cat doesn't seem to mind it, so who am I to question the procedure. So if anyone needs a good cat doctor, I'm available.


Anonymous said...

I bet it is a bitch to find a good vein in her arm.
Ed Beard

Joe Nevin said...

At lambing time we had to feed one of the pet lambs with a tube down its throat.

Not being of a farmer background I felt like it was an episode of ER.

If it was an episode of ER Ace would be walking around with an ill-fitting gown, her wee tail popping out the back, and absent-mindedly trailing a mobile drip behind while getting on with her daily chores.

There has to be a more elegant feline solution to this saline solution. :-)

kane said...

I learn humility every day.

Anonymous said...

If she were a country cat she'd be allowed to wander off and die cats will do by nature. It's sad to watch them go downhill.

Joe Nevin said...

I happened to mention to someone yesterday about the story of Lao Tzu, supposed author of the Tao Te Ching, and how he wandered off into the the mountains of Tibet to die when he was an old man.

I thought it was a really beautiful story that he just wanted to fade away surrounding by peace and nature.

I've also had cats that wandered off when it was time up. I think that cats know the score - that's why they are such amazing creatures. Just watching a cat sleeping by a window can make you feel calm and relaxed. These cats really know how to chillax.

I'm sure there is life in the old cat yet. They have lots of lives after all. :-)

kane said...

I have a feeling my cat has a few more years in her.

喜洋洋 said...