Nov 13, 2013

Great London Skateboard Park In Danger

This is for all my skateboard friends. It's also for parents who care about their kids having creative outlets and places to go where they can feel alive. The most iconic skateboard park in the world is SOUTHBANK in London. Greedy developers want to pave paradise and put in a Starbucks, Gap and Chase bank or some other such useless things. This 15 minute video is a great look at a community of young kids trying to stand up for themselves. See why people hate the MAN and governments. Long live skateboarding and fighting back. Share this link if you can.


artisoo said...

what a awesome project!

Joe Nevin said...

My nephew is a skateboarder and has a skateboarding website that tells people what's available here in Scotland. This is a big deal.

I used to love skateboarding as a kid and used the huge skatepark in Kelvingrove Park in Glasgow, just across from the museum and art gallery.

The skatepark has now been filled in and only an educated eye can tell where the pipe and more dramatic challenges where. One little area remains where both bikes and skateboards are allowed.

Young people have a tough enough time as it is with wicked corrupt governments and their captured MSM; it becomes tougher all the time to find healthy, positive ways for them to entertain and express themselves.

Joined-up thinking and government are strange bedfellows these days. Especially when money and special interests enter the mix. Social media and short films are very powerful ways to reverse this trend.

Good stuff, Tommy. Keep up the good work.

kane said...

Thanks Joe and Thanks to your nephew.

Jasmine Jk said...

They should put this on kickstarter

Jasmine Jk said...

They should put this on kickstarter