Nov 6, 2013


Yun recently took me on a fancy food outing. We went to Blue Hill at Stone Barns. It's about an hour outside of New York City in Hudson Valley. There is a very upscale restaurant inside the stone barns, pictured above. The instant we got there I was a bit turned off. The farm is a money making machine, so the place is crawling with tourists. When you drive up, there is an attendant who charges you 5 bucks to park. I said we were eating at the restaurant. They didn't care, 5 bucks please. We drove quite a ways to find a parking spot. Mind you, the restaurant is not very large, all of these cars and people are just walking around the farm and going to gift shops and food counters. There are pigs, turkeys, ducks and greenhouses. It all looks beautiful. The main problem with our dinner was the timing of it all. An hour and a half dinner is purposely stretched into 3 and a half hours. After being served a leaf of kale with some salt on it, I'd have to wait 25 minutes for them to bring my next course, a slice of yellow pepper with some salt on it. After 2 and a half hours, I was ready to leave. Yun asked how many more courses? They said it was a surprise. I prayed there was only one more course. If there were more than that, we'd be there all night. I should mention one other odd thing. Whenever we were served a course, they would say, these ingredients are from the chefs own farm, which is like 50 miles from here. After they did this a few times, I was left scratching my head. Why do they not give us anything from this farm, which is 10 feet away? The best part was paying the check and getting out of the building. By this point all the tourists were kicked out. Our car sat alone, along a deserted road on the farm, where 3 hours before hundreds of cars were parked alongside of it.


Maywyn Studio said...

I'm sure God will forgive me for laughing that you "prayed there was only one more course." I hope you will as well. Great post

Joe Nevin said...

I took an American friend out for a meal once here in Scotland. The waiter was surly and aloof so he said to me 'let's just leave'. I was like, suits me. My friend explained that service like that is not tolerated where he comes from. Obviously somewhere not near that farm.

I make a rule of leaving places when the service is shocking now. It might look like an episode of Seinfeld or something but I have gotten used to being polite but honest with cheeky individuals.

I left a hospital recently where we had been waiting for hours and the doctor didn't bother to come back. Other patients said in amazement, 'Are you allowed to do that.' What the hell were they expecting search lights and guns trained on our backs as we left? A male nurse caught up with us as we left, confused and and asked why we were leaving. I asked him to take a guess. I truly hope Obamacare doesn't morph into the NHS but sadly I think it probably will. When people no longer have the choice to choose they end up being serfs in a gulag.

The funny thing is when you tell these people the truth to their faces they are often amazed.

Many NHS staff or package holidays reps often seem to believe that they have captive, docile hostages.

In one airport I know they treat passengers like cattle. It amazes me that anyone ever goes back for more.

What next cattle prods?

Luis Fernando Oliveira said...

One of your best posts. Great picts, btw. Someone is having fun with the DHR.

Anonymous said...

Well, you are obviously not snooty enough to appreciate the honor of dining there! lol

Josef Horák said...

Really great post. Looking forward for the next stuff. JH from The Artwork Factory.

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