Nov 18, 2013

Floating glasses

I did a little drawing on the subway ride up to the Museum of Natural History. First I spotted a dude with a wool cap on and his glasses sitting up on top of the cap. He had a whacked out beard. Perfect for a drawing. As I started, he jumped up at the first stop and was gone. Now I was stuck with a pair of floating glasses. So I spotted some nutty girl and drew her and I let the glasses fall where they may. She was scribbling away and paying no attention. Then I found another women and made them Siamese twins.
A strange thing happens on the subway on my way to work every morning. I get to Jay street, which is a main stop for people to switch to other trains. What happens is, the platform is full of people waiting to get onto the train but they have to wait for all the people to get off the train first. Thirty of more people have to get off the train because it is always packed. The people waiting to get on, wait on either side of the open doors forming a little path for the people to pass through. This is what puzzles me. There is always some freak who stands right in front of the door on the platform. And I do mean right in front of the door. This idiot is trying to push past everyone to get on without letting anyone off. It ain't gonna happen. Now no one can get off and no one can get on. Finally someone has to yell at them and start a fight. I am always wondering what goes on in that person's mind. Are they dumb? Forgetful? Spaced-out? Or are they right off the boat from Romania or Yugoslavia? Or maybe mars? It never ceases to amaze me.


Joe Nevin said...

Some people like to swim against the tide. :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking I am going with just plain old dumb.
Ed Beard

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid it's a global thing. And I'd bet they have always been there. In the Middle Ages they were blocking the main gate of the town on the big market day. In Rome they caused trouble at the Colosseum between shows as the spectators of the morning rounds left and the folks wanting to catch the matinee were waiting in lines to get in. The only place I haven't seen them is, oddly enough, Beijing.

喜洋洋 said...