Oct 14, 2013


I recently went to Wyoming on a business trip. Big country. The land of open spaces. There is a lot of gas drilling, fracking and Halliburton trucks driving around the place. If you ever get the chance to go there, just don't drink the ground water. The towns each have a little bar with moose and elk heads mounted on the walls. I love that stuff. Mostly you get to drive in cars when you are there. To get from one place to next, involves driving for 4 hours. The landscape constantly changes. One is always driving way up into mountains and then down out of the mountains. Sunshine and warmth one minute and a blizzard, the next. In restaurants, a menu consists of 20 items, except they are really all just the same thing; STEAK. I spent a little time on an Indian reservation and the people were all lovely. That was a treat. Next time, I'll bring my cowboy hat.


Sean Chambers said...

I love your blog and artwork...I've been a regular visitor for a couple years.

This video is fantastic. I'm a 5th generation Wyomingite (that's what we call ourselves...not Wyomans, or some other abomination) and you captured the state perfectly. We're not all about open spaces, and long distances, and cowboys, and horses, and bars, and gas drilling, and fracking, and small towns, and taxidermy, and steak...in between all that there is more. But for the most part you nailed it. Thanks for visiting and thanks for the plug!

Sean Chambers

kane said...

It's a gorgeous part of the USA.

Joe Nevin said...

Fracking, Nuclear power stations, GM food - these are a few of my favourite things, NOT.

Beautiful film of beautiful creatures in a beautiful land inhabited by beautiful people: the best advert there is against pollution and all other environmental fracking madness.

kane said...

Lots of Halliburton trucks driving all over the place. Not a good sign. Lots of well water problems there.

Anonymous said...

I'm a 3rd-gen native and loved the vid! Wyo is the least populous in US, almost half the land is owned by the Feds, and if you don't like the oil business then give up yur cars!

Anonymous said...

Oh please, enough about the disasters of fracking. It's been going on for over 70 years in my state...and now it's the big no-no. I have found those who do not own mineral-rights are now the loudest complainers. My folks have had wells on their property for over 30 years and never, ever a problem. Don't believe everything you read, folks.

Anonymous said...

Tommy Kane in Wyoming and Danny Gregory learning about life in California...this is all such fun to read about. Your film is excellent and truly does capture Wyoming. ~ Lynn

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