Oct 23, 2013

My Cousin Is Frankenstein

It takes great courage for someone to become an actor. I have always had great admiration for people who follow their heart and follow that dream. In a million years, I couldn't get up and act in front of people. I'm always amazed when I see people do it. My cousin Steven is an actor. A really good one, by the way. He lives in Florida and does several plays a year out of the Venice Theater. He was recently starring as the creature in an adaptation of Mary Shelley's, Frankenstein. We haven't seen each other in over 15 years. Yun and I agreed to fly down and see him in this play. I'm glad we did because we had a ball hanging out with him. I had an idea to do a little stop motion film of him being made up as the monster. He said it took about 40 minutes to do. Steven arranged for me to be able to make a video of it happening. It came out pretty good. Too bad I couldn't have filmed some of the play. The staging of it was incredible. They built a beautiful laboratory where the monster rises up into the air on his slab and is hit by bolts of lightning. Being part of a theater troupe seems like a lot of fun but scary too. I know I couldn't do it. This is a drawing I did of a little Off Broadway theater in Manhattan.


Maywyn Studio said...

Its weird how people see us differently than we see ourselves. I think of you as in the light of being able to be a good actor.
Something to think about

kane said...

I get panic attacks and could never perform in front of people.

sandy said...

enjoyable to see!

kane said...

Very Halloween.

Anonymous said...

He'd be awesome to go trick-or-treating with.
Ed Beard

kane said...

He might snuff out a few people though.

Joe Nevin said...

I would rather act in a play than Draw in public or act?

I've done both and I find drawing in public really kind of embarrassing.

I feel as if I'm making an exhibition of myself.

Joe Nevin said...


I would rather act in a play than draw in public.

PS I find it hard to believe that someone who can draw in public can have panic attacks - that is incredible.

kane said...

Joe, you can find a place where not many people are and draw outside. Being in public doesn't always mean there are people there. My panic attacks stem from having to speak in front of people. If I can just sit and draw, there is no issue even if a hundred people are watching me. No speaking and I'm fine.

Joe Nevin said...

Tommy, where I live is very quiet and there's lots of green space and forests. But I can still hear the squirrels laughing.

Seriously though, kudos to you and everyone else who has the guts to 'perform' outdoors.

Anonymous said...

Were you and your cousin at Zeke's tiki bar in Englewood Fl last nightI sat next to you. . .such a fan of your work through your blog and Danny Gregory's books.

Sila Mahmud said...

wow!enjoyable post. Thanks for share.

Anonymous said...

Yep he was at Zekes. You must have seen him before his cousin noticed the flame on the tiki torches, freaked out and tore the place up.
Ed Beard

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