Oct 27, 2013

Lou Reed

In honor of Lou's passing, I am reposting this from 2 years ago.

Recently Yun took me to the Metropolitan Opera House in New york to see The Barber of Seville. The only reason I am familiar with this opera is because it was used on episodes of Bugs Bunny and the Little Rascals. For once it wasn't me who fell asleep. Yun conked out for a good chunk of it. We had amazing seats in a private box on the 50 yard line. After a few Jim Beam's I was feeling good about the performance. At a certain point, I looked next to me and I noticed that Boris Karloff was sitting there. At closer inspection I realized it was actually Lou Reed. I don't bug famous people, so I left him alone. It seemed like he had a few Jim Beam's too. Both of us enjoyed the show. Two thumbs up from Lou and yours truly.


Joe Nevin said...

Wasn't The Barber of Seville used in a Seinfeld episode about his barber?

But Bugs trumps all.

Transformer used to do my head in after it was played on a loop at every art school party. It reminds me of drunk tutors and pretentious students. Not Lou's fault of course :-)

(That paper's really nice to draw on.)

kane said...

I think it was in a Seinfeld episode. Should be used more.

fados do lar said...

nice sketch

Flying on Acrylic Ships said...

It really is sad that he's gone, but I think he would appreciate the drawing. I think you got all the ridges and dark lines in the right place. It really does make his face look textured and realistic. Awesome job!

glamour retouching said...

It's really plenty fabulous and artistic one, I love this creative blog always!

Remove Background said...

I think it was in a Seinfeld episode. Should be used more.

Ghost Mannequin said...

Awesome and excellent creation, so fabulous one.

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