Oct 7, 2013

From A Fan

This is a fan letter I recieved. The drawing above was done by my fan, Felix. He did a copy of a drawing I'd done in the past. Pretty good job.

Hi Tommy, my name is Felix Squire i'm 16 and from Bath England I saw an article on you in An Illustrated Life a long time ago and bought the book to read up on you! Your probably unaware but I followed you the other day and to be honest you are just about my all time illustrating hero!
I too am a budding artist and I love illustration. I would be really grateful if you could check out some of my work on Twitter. My account is FelixSquire and I have uploaded some photos of my work many inspired by yourself.
I recently got a really good grade in art and to be honest it was all inspired by your pen and colour drawings. I think we use the same pen!
I am just writing this to say thanks for inspiring me I guess and helping me find my niche in art!
From Felix Squire.