Oct 21, 2013

Cruising For A Brusing

If you were walking down the street and saw an open manhole, would you walk into it and go crashing down below the street? Ted would. If you were on the 50th floor of a building and you went to the elevator and the doors were open but the elevator was stuck in the lobby, would you walk in anyway and go crashing to the bottom? Ted would. If you were driving a car and came to a fork in the road where you could make a left and arrive at a beautiful beach or turn right and crash into a brick wall, would you turn right? Ted would. If someone asked you to follow Ted, would you?


Rod MacGregor said...

Sounds like a President in the making

Joe Nevin said...

If it was Nancy Pelosi she'd probably take a flying leap headlong into the elevator just to see what was in it.

If it was 50 floors up she would no doubt exit at the ground floor staggering and gibbering incoherent rubbish.

In other words, completely unharmed.

Anonymous said...

A squirrel would jump on the elevator cable and scamper down to the main floor, thus avoiding any need for medical coverage.
Ed Beard

yiweipeng said...

great portrait!

Joe Nevin said...

Ed Beard, you're quite right, squirrels are far more intelligent than politicians.

And they have the decency to pull a gun when robbing you. :-)

kane said...

Squirrels love to get run over by cars though.

Anonymous said...

They all suck and no one is safe (especially squirrels).

Ankur said...

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Joe Nevin said...

Squirrels hit by a truck have more to worry about with what's coming next: