Oct 30, 2013

Boston Red Sox

The past few years I've gotten back into watching baseball. I love the World Series and playoffs most of all. Being from New York, I have a natural dislike for anything Boston. As a Mets fan, I don't particularly hate the Red Sox. After all, we beat them when we faced them in the World Series in 1986. They are more of a Yankee nemesis. This year, they have shown themselves to be a very scrappy team. In a show of solidarity, each of the players has grown an unruly beard. Most teams don't allow their players to look like Brooklyn hipsters. It seems to work for the Red Sox. I actually think it's pretty interesting. At the moment, they are mowing down anyone in their way. I've been wondering if the team will all shave their beards off once the season ends. Win or lose, I have a feeling they will.


Anonymous said...

Oooh, that's a sweet ass beard man.
I'd grow mine back but with my now
gray/white hair all those "Hey Santa"
remarks around Xmas would piss me off.

Ed Beard

Joe Nevin said...

'I've been wondering if the team will all shave their beards off once the season ends. Win or lose, I have a feeling they will.'

Or, or, they will just shave the 'stache bit off and start going to games in one big cart and raise barns and maybe next season they'll all go on Rumspringa and start listening to Lou Reed music with new fangled ipod technology...well, you get the idea.


Anonymous said...

When pitcher Randy Johnson use to play for the Seattle Mariners, I thought he was the grossest looking guy around in baseball. He looked so unkempt and greasy all the time! Now it's the thing-to-do? Yuck --

kane said...

Kiddies love Santa.

MJBowden said...

As a Sox fan I don't dislike the Mets at all, just the other NY baseball team. You got to love this 2013 World Series Champion team! What a great year! Love the sketch!

sila mahmud said...

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