Sep 23, 2013

The Church Is A Temple

The hotel we stayed in happened to be an old monestary. There were many great religious paintings in the hallways. In fact, there was a huge chapel inside too. Yun and I were admiring a large painting of the Madonna. A hotel worker started to explain to us about the symbolism in the painting. The first thing you notice is that The Blessed Virgin seems overweight. I dug that. He said that she was wearing a large dress that is in the shape of the mountains. The Andes are sacred to the people. It would be to me too if I lived there. Strands of pearls flowed down to the bottom of her outfit. We were informed that they were not pearls but were in fact, kernels of corn. They retrofit the christian story to suit their own tales of worship. Made sense to me. Also churches are called temples. The one I painted is La Merced. You would think that a little town would be happy to have one amazing looking church like this. In Cusco, there are like 10 churches this lavish. They're everywhere you turn. God waits for you at every street corner. I wonder if God knows they are cooking guinea pigs and llamas? No matter, God has bigger issues to deal with.


ann @ studiohyde said...

Fantastic detail as always, love this :)

Joe Nevin said...

In the book Between Extremes there is a description of a curiously decorated church in the mountains of Chile. Conquistadors - including actual relics from that time - feature as protagonists in the story of Christ.

If you haven't read the book, it is written by John McCarthy and Brian Keenan, hostages in Lebanon in the late 1980s.

I like the way the don't sugar coat the experience and give an account of both the strange beauty and the mundane hellishness of the place.

If only they had done some drawings then it could have been an even better read.

Nice drawing as always.

kane said...

It took a lot of effort to draw this sucker.

andy christopoulos said...

Love it! Very well done!

lola davis said...

Thanks for sharing! I enjoyed this page. chinese art CA

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