Sep 16, 2013

Street Smart

We stayed in Cusco, Peru the first night. I like to get up early to go and draw. There was a statue right in front of our hotel, which happened to be an old monastery. The second I start to draw, all the street people are on me. Please buy me pens, do you want a shoeshine? Of course, I indulge everyone. I'm a man of the people. One of the characters on the street was a women who sold prints of paintings of the famous sites. She was all over me. I threw her a curveball, when I showed her that I was an actual artist and could paint my own pictures. That was a new one for her. Not being able to sell me any art, she asks me a million questions instead. How long does it take me to do one? How much would I sell one for? This goes on forever. We both love it though. She tells me her name is, Martha Washington. It's then that I realize she is very good at marketing. She uses a name that no one will forget. Each day I go out, the street people ask if I've seen Martha Washington. Sometimes I'm walking down the street with Yun and Martha Washington passes and we greet each other like long lost friends. When I call her Martha Washington, Yun is puzzled. Then Yun notices that most of the tourists near our hotel know who Martha is too. In Peru, my pockets are full of pens, my shoes are always shined and all the street vendors know me by name. Even the dogs wandering around know who I am.


Anonymous said...

That's odd, when I am selling my pens on the street I say that I am
General Pedro Ruiz Gallo.

Ed Beard

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Joe Nevin said...

I thought this was incredibly sad. The world is so wrong. I don't know if drawing can change the world but I believe that writing can.

Well done, Tommy. Your heart is in the right place.

(Any Bible scholars out there might have noticed the significance of the number 7 and the name Ruth.)

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