Sep 25, 2013

Machu Picchu

Watch my video of our trip to South America. I bet you will love it. Peru is a special place. Machu Picchu was really the reason we went there. It did not disappoint. It's very hard place to get to. Also I am carrying all my drawing gear in a knapsack, making my trekking even harder. Nothing stops me. I run up and down the mountain like a goat. The altitude is high, so one must hydrate. Too much hydration causes one to have to pee a lot. So you see the dilemma. I run up the mountain with 15 pounds of supplies on my back and set up my drawing stuff. Then I have to pee, so I break it all apart. I run down to the base where the restrooms are to relieve myself. Then I run back to the top to continue drawing. Thank god I'm in top athletic form, sort of. The cool thing about drawing is that I get to stay in one spot for many hours. I see the crazy stuff that goes on. I drew right in the spot where everyone wants to take a photo of themselves with Machu Picchu in the background. The antics that go on are hilarious. There is a large segment of the female population that wants to have their photo taken with their ass sticking out. I think it's a Kim Kardashian, Instagram phenomenon. Anyway, they pose like a model in a magazine, with their ass pushed way out, photographed slightly from behind. Then they have to run back and look at the photo taken. Of course, they don't like it and want it taken over. They repeat this action about 50 times. At first, I thought it was funny but after the hundredth girl did it for the millionth time, I was over it, sort of. The other thing everyone does is to have their picture taken while jumping in the air. I should also note, that each person thinks they are the only one doing this as if they are so original taking a jumping photo in front of famous landmarks. As they would exit, another jackass would show up and do the same thing. The truly funny part was how many times they would lose their balance and almost fall down the mountain. It was a nice distraction while I was drawing and gave me something to do in between taking pees while running up and down the mountain like an Inca warrior.


Maywyn Studio said...

Thank you for my first laugh, and a good one at that.

kane said...

I'm a funnyman.

ann @ studiohyde said...

What a lovely place, if it wasn't so far I would like to see it myself. Love your video, your film crew are very good!

Anonymous said...

I believe for centuries the radiation from the aliens in the area has caused the erratic human behavior (building large edifices, sticking butts out for photographs etc).

Also, it makes you pee a lot.
Ed Beard

Luis Fernando Oliveira said...

Your films are getting as good as the drawings. And the drawings are GOOD.

Run Lori Run said...

If I had a penny for every time I took a jumping photo in front of a Peruvian landmark...

kane said...

I spotted a few aliens when I was there.

Joe Nevin said...

The film says 'directed by Tommy Kane' while some bloke in a yellow wig dances past.

I've figured it out. This isn't Tommy Kane. Tommy Kane has completely different dance moves.

Mystery solved.

Sonal Panse said...

Now I want to go to Machu Picchu too. Wonderful drawing and video.

喜洋洋 said...