Aug 5, 2013

Drawing Class

I went with Danny Gregory to a life drawing class. It was a long pose. Danny and I stayed for about 2 hours worth of drawing. There was some quick warm up poses. I used that time to draw my border. Danny is one of those artists who likes to do a drawing in 20 minutes. He was doing the drawing to be out of his comfort zone. I was in my comfort zone of doing a single drawing in a few hours. The class was full of people who have big newsprint pads and charcoal, just like in a movie about art school. I was the only one scribbling in a little moleskine book with tiny ballpoint pens. Somehow it worked and I like what I did.


Susan said...

Amazing! I love what you do with pens.

Rod MacGregor said...

Size doesn't matter

Peter Andersan said...

So amazing! Thanks so much for sharing your work. I always enjoy stopping by to see what's new here.

kane said...

I may have to go again.

Grammargal said...

Are you telling us that you and Danny sketched the same model? If that's true, I'm amazed at the difference in your drawings!! (I like yours the best.)

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