Jul 19, 2013

My Twin

30 years ago, I worked alongside an advertising art director named Susan Rose. I've written about her before. She is quiet and unassuming but possesses more talent in her little pinky than most people I've met in my life. The main thing about her, is her modesty. She seems to be embarrassed about her talent. Susan never just comes out and shows me what she has been up to. I have to stumble upon it. On this trip, Yun and I went to her house and finally met her girlfriend, Donna. Last year when we met up, she sheepishly showed me a picture of a porcelain sculpture she had made. Of course it was of a sheep. The sculpture was astounding. Now finally in her house, I asked to see it. She informed me it got sold. She said she had made a new sculpture. I demanded to see it. Was it beautifully displayed in her house for all to see? Of course not. She took me up to her work studio and then opened a closet door, removing the sculpture hidden deep within the closet. It was of Goldie Locks wearing a bear mask. After I went on and on about how great it was, she mumbled, "maybe I should put it out somewhere so people can see it." We were all on our way to go kayaking so we didn't have much time. As we were leaving, my eye caught a tiny sculpture on the fireplace mantle. Susan said she made it (sheepishly). As I was admiring it, I noticed a tiny little house hanging on the wall. A huge plume of smoke was billowing out from the chimney. All made of porcelain and glazed in glorious colors. She said she made that too. Then I noticed another one. It was all took much to take in at once. I was feeling pangs of jealousy. We really had to leave but I know the house is full of this stuff. I just have to get back in there and wander around. If I hadn't discovered what I did, she would have never said a word. I did get her to show me some of her incredible drawings but that was on her iphone. The real funny thing is that Susan and I are about the exact same size. We dress identically in khakis, boots, t-shirts with silly artwork on them and pork pie hats. Susan told me her girlfriend Donna made the observation that if Susan were a boy, she'd be Tommy Kane. Yun agreed wholeheartedly and said if I was a girl, I could only be Susan Rose. A greater compliment I could not receive.


Poster said...

that's very cool mate.

kane said...

She's very cool.