Jul 10, 2013


In Seattle it doesn't get dark until 10 PM. That means the fireworks don't go off until very late. So of course, I didn't see the fireworks displays. I did however hang out where they sell the stuff. The staff who work at the TNT fireworks pop up shop, happen to be school teachers making some extra bucks over the summer holiday. I thought it would be hooligans stopping by to purchase bombs and rockets but it was mostly families. Mom and dads with little kids in tow, asking what they wanted. A very wholesome atmosphere indeed. Everyone said hello to their favorite teachers. The only Hooligan happened to be me, the clown with the sketchbook and the sunburned nose.


Anonymous said...

You were HERE last week?! We should have had (another) sketch outing!

Ugh fireworks: they're illegal in my Seattle suburb and my neighbor shot them off for 4 hours.


kane said...

I was doing family stuff and didn't have much free time. My brother in law had a new baby.

Poster said...

looks pretty good, how long did that take?