Jun 3, 2013

Next Top Model

Recently I was staying at the Grand Hyatt in Seoul. Before leaving for work in the morning, I'd hang out by the pool and do a few hours of drawing. One particular day, the entire pool area was taken over by a television crew. They were filming an episode of Korea's Next Top Model. A long and very thin floating runway was built into the pool. It was very shaky and you could see that not all of the girls were going to make it down the runway without taking a dip in the pool. This would obviously make for a great show. It was early in the morning and I was the only guest at the pool. There were tons of set builders, stylists and cameramen everywhere. The amazon models were all together giggling, as models should. They seemed not to care at all that they were about to be humiliated on Korean national television. Speaking of humiliation, I ran into Arnold Swarchenegger, who was staying at my hotel while I was there. All I could think about was, is Arnold sleeping with his hotel maid while he's here or was that just something he liked to do at his home?


Anonymous said...

Arnold probably does sleep with the help there. If you see any 13 year old apprentice maids with super human strength that would be his love child.
Ed Beard

Monica said...

He was waiting to rescue the fallen models!