Jun 26, 2013

Good Design

I'm certainly no expert on great design. In my apartment, I would like to be surrounded by things that are designed really well. Deep down though, I'm a lover of junk. My wife helped me to elevate my game. Years ago, she introduced me to the store, Design Within Reach. No matter what you purchase there, it will make you appear like you understand great design. They do all the work. Buy something from there. Put it in your house and watch as your friends gush over how much style you have. If you are clueless, all you need is some dough to make yourself look a bit more classier than you really are. Over the years, my junk has faded away. Now I live like Yves Saint Laurent. Sort of.


David King said...

Unfortunately "style" often looks very uncomfortable.

Rod MacGregor said...

Haha you crack me up Tommy... what you wrote reminds me of what I think about people driving around in fancy cars...they didn't design it...but somehow they seem to reap all the glory of the design.

Jelly Gamat said...

A very interesting paper, the spirit continues to blogging :)

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