Jun 10, 2013

Bourdain Lover

I've always dug Anthony Bourdain. The dude's a great writer, decent cook and lousy dancer. Not that I've ever seen him dance but I imagine it so. His TV shows are hilarious. Traveling to exotic parts of the world, constantly smoking cigarettes, drinking booze, nursing hangovers and generally misbehaving. He's the Hunter Thompson of food. His new show on CNN is less about food and more about travel to out of the ordinary places. The world's greatest chefs topple over one another vying to hang out with him. I've been to many of the places he's gone to around the world. There's been many restaurants and hotels I've tried on his recommendation. All winners. It's like his job is to troubleshoot my vacations. This is my little tribute drawing to him.


sandy said...

he's the bad boy of the food network....and I love bad boys!
no reservations there!

Anonymous said...

I like Bourdain and I saw the new show when he was in Libya and it was a scary scene.

I like the Vine video too.
Ed Beard

kane said...

The most interesting man in the world. Dos XXX.

Monica said...

You sure made him look better than the real thing

kane said...

Oh, he's a handsome dude.