May 27, 2013


In Seoul, you see a lot of restaurants that have a huge scale model of a blowfish hanging out in front of the joint. I saw them a lot in Tokyo too. Well on this trip, I finally got to eat the famous poisonous delicacy. The chefs need a special license to handle the fish. People seem to eat tons of it, so how bad could it be. Turns out, it is a very light tasting fish. They served it in a soup, with big chunks of the fish still on the bone. We also had it fried in a batter which was quite good. Anyway I survived the meal without croaking. When I was a kid, my dad would take me fishing. Sometimes we'd catch some blowfish. It was cool to see them puff up when we took them out of the water. We always threw them back because we didn't know how to cook them. Plus we didn't have any license.


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Brian Lapsley said...

Love the marginalia. You always have a way of filling in the page.